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Whites Innovative Glass is a family owned and operated company located in Columbus, Indiana and has extensive experience in the glazing industry. 

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We Care About
the Details

Every project is thoroughly inspected prior to, during and after installation to meet our high standards. is almost a bad word anymore. Nowadays we want to have everything handed to us. Being a hard workers is one of the finest qualities we will find in a person. It is what brings success to our lives, our communities and nation. Good, hard workers are always concerned about quantity and quality production! They become valuable to any organization ro company, because they are productive. The Proverbs says "Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed (Prof 12:24) Here's why/ The hard workers mind is on getting things done. when they are working, they see other things that need to be done, and do those jobs as well. Since they are procedution oriented, they become creative. They look for work and ways to get it done better and faster! This will get the hard workers a promotion, and before long, they will be in leadership.

Good work ethics are among the qualities and values that will make any nation or company great; but in our world today sometimes we are not even allowed to help each other get the job done. Some will tell us "it's not our responsibility." They promise to get us more for doing less. Now we want to work less hours, and make more-have shorter hours, more benefits, longer vacations, more holidays. We want less sweat but more money. What a tragedy. It is no wonder we get in trouble. We have lost our greatest assets, the "Desire to work"

Whites Innovative Glass is a full commercial and residential glass company that is committed to
supporting our customers while offering a rapid response to their on-going service needs.
Often, the high level of our work in a small, one-time engagement evolves into a lasting partnership over the years.

Not only are we a full service glass company providing emergency service for your business, service & repair work as well as maintenance contract work  but we also provide a limited selection of glass and glazing products for the general public.
We can custom cut glass or mirrors from our stock or order custom sizes. In the case of insulated units, we are able to provide in-home measuring for your windows. Simply fill out the contact form to schedule a date now or call us today at 812-221-2215 to speak to one of our glass experts.


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