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Storefront & Entrances

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There has never been a time when accessibility to your business has been more important than now, the way customers access and navigate your business is more critical than ever.  

In addition to installation, Whites Innovative Glass can repair, move, modify, or replace storefront systems in existing buildings.  W.I.G. is the place for storefronts and entrances. From national chains to one-off tenant improvements, we set the industry standard for designing and installing commercial storefronts and entrance systems. 

Updating a storefront can have other advantages beyond accessibility and visual appeal. A new storefront system can lower your utility costs by 15-20%. 

Whites Innovative Glass offers a variety of solutions for your entrance needs. 

  • Aluminum Doors 

  • Arm Pulls 

  • Ballistic-Resistant 

  • Cladding 

  • Door Mounted Push-button Openers 

  • Fire-Rated Doors and Entrances 

  • Foot Levers 

  • Forced Entry-Resistant 

  • Hurricane-Rated Systems 

  • Overhead Motion Activated Sensors 

  • Revolving Doors 

  • Swing Doors 

  • Touchless Entry Systems 

Curtain Wall, Glass, Glass replacement, Custom Glass, Service Glass, Facility Maintenance Glass

Curtain Wall

Designed to resist water and air infiltration, curtain wall systems also withstand sway created by wind, seismic activity, and the system’s own weight. Modern curtain wall systems clad building facades with glass and metal to protect the interior and its occupants from the elements and create a safe and comfortable environment. 

W.I.G.'s Solution

  • Stick Built Curtain Wall 

  • Inside, Outside and Structurally Glazed Options 

  • Unitized Curtain Wall 

  • Veneer Curtain Wall 

  • Window Wall Curtain Wall 

  • Engineering Services 

  • Project Management  

  • Hurricane Resistance 

  • Blast Mitigation 

  • Sustainable Design 

Whatever glass product or service you require, you can find it at W.I.G...

The exterior of your commercial building says a lot about your business. Beautiful storefront windows or a full curtain wall can make your business stand out and look professional. Whites Innovative Glass offers commercial glass services throughout the Mid-West. We specialize in commercial glass installation, repair and replacement services for a variety of custom glass features. Choose both style and performance with glass products from W.I.G. We offer a full range of architectural products and services to meet any commercial customer’s glass needs. Regardless of the size or scope, we design, create, and install all types of commercial glazing systems, collaboration is the key to our success. 

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